Improv *All Stars* to Facilitate ImprovVO Events

LoveThatImprovVO is the ONLY online, audio-only workout group designed specifically for voice-over talent (VO), focusing on improvisation in short workouts, building and applying improv to VO in structured classes. We have been running improvisation workouts for VO since 2013, gradually increasing our services to include classes, targeted workshops and special events.

We are always happy to engage with experienced and talented improvisors who may want to join us as facilitators. A VO Improv facilitator has the experience to run any event we might offer. We want a great relationship of mutual trust, integrity and support with every facilitator.

The group workout facilitator leads a group of 3-12 voice actors through a variety of audio-only improv exercises for up to 90 mins each workout. Exercises can be selected from our growing library, or you bring yours. VO participants join you in the skype group call from their home VO studio, and everyone brings a great attitude and willingness to play. The participants range in age and VO experience, but everyone is qualified to join the level they are in through our vetting process. Most workouts are a blast, lots of good energy, fun expressions, supportive and a safe environment for creative juices to flow!

Technologically you need to be able to lead workouts via Skype with a uninterrupted internet connection, good audio on your end without background noise, and easily be able to record the audio from the workout to upload it to dropbox.

Here's a quick summary:

  • Freelance - Independent contractor
  • Hourly pay, depending on experience with improv and facilitating groups
  • A great networking opportunity
  • Super freakin' fun!

If you or someone you know is interested, please say “Yes, And”!

Send an email listing your experience, references and contact info to

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