Only $35 per workout!

  • Warm-up improvisation games
  • Improvising into, thru, & out of VO scripts
  • Led by Pro VO Improv Actors
  • Supportive improv tools selected for you, for max authenticity
  • Only 6 participants in each workout
  • Up to 90 Minutes of fun

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Participation requirements: 

  • You have basic improv training
  • You audition regularly
  • Video & Audio from your VO studio.

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Rebecca founded 'Love That Improv VO' in July 2013.

She's been a professional actress since 2001, with solid acting experience and training - both of which include improv.  Rebecca says, "Using improvisation to make that script more organic and real is a tremendous skill!."

Improvise unique details missing from your script.

Mix in a strong POV.    

BAM - Transform scripted words to your voice.


...  natural, confident acting. bring unique you.

About your workout facilitator, Rebecca Haugh:

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Second Thursday monthly

7:30am PT/10:30am ET

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