Are You Getting All of Your Voice Acting Skills?

We offer improvisation 
skill development
for working voiceover talent.

If you're looking to maximize your skills and you're a working voice actor, it's essential to make improv part of your practice.

Improv enhances your voice acting performance by allowing you do two things:

  1. Create the world of the script in a unique personal perspective.
  2. Collaborate positively in all kinds of situations.

Be better prepared for the fast-paced voice-over world by practicing improv. You can improve rhythm, timing, spontaneity, and versatility, making your acting performance more authentic and confident. 

Improv group work focuses on listening, collaborating, and responding to the unexpected situations. In VO life, this helps you respond positively to script changes or feedback from clients.

Regular improvisation further develops your versatility and range, adding depth and emotion to performances. This authentically makes your performance more unique and memorable.

Including improv in your VO routine enhances your skills and your voice acting career.

Why Do Voice Actors Want to Improvise?

  • more easily get 'out of your head'
  • keep instincts flowing strong
  • be more relaxed in session
  • increased options for multiple takes
  • greater authenticity
  • have an edge over VO's who don't improv
  • get over fears of doing it
  • confidence to simply be you at the mic
  • purge corporate stiffness


Audio only workouts to keep you on top of your improv, pushing that comfort zone!  Click the link for all the options from weekly, drop-in and evenings.


Beginner improv training for voice actors. Also great if you're rusty and need to recharge. This class is a small group to provide supportive, fear-free, improv basic skills.


Coming fall 2024


VO Improv Downloadable Workshop

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Standard Services 

VO Improv's been providing workouts since 2013. 

VO Improv is not for people looking to be guided about starting a VO career. 

We serve the working voice actor.

We heartily and joyously invite voice artists already  auditioning and booking! 

Four minutes from our Founder...

Here’s an interesting thing I found about voice acting – it’s not voice ‘reading’!! And it’s not audio recording… Even though it involves those, it’s really about acting. Sanford Meisner described acting as " truthfully under imaginary circumstances". We are certainly doing that when we are workin’ a VO script!

When I was doing dinner theater in Los Angeles, it was so much fun to have an outline of a script and a known conclusion of our story, but to be able to improvise moments unique to each night and often with the audience was such a personal high.

Now that I’m solely a voice actor, I am thrilled to be able to find moments to improvise while doing VO. And – I’m thrilled to be offering improvisation to other voice actors who want the pleasure of playing in this sandbox.

If you are looking for other types of training, check out the directory of training seminars