Solid improv basics for a voice actor.  

Be more VO competitive with improv skills.
Improv helps you be “you”, spontaneously.  
Apply improv to scripts, and much more...

Class Graduates say:

"Thank you again for all of the guidance and fun you gave in the 101 course. It truly was such a big eye opener and help for me. I wanted to reach out because, thanks to applying the things I learned, I've been called back for 2 different dubbing jobs. Who knows if I will be the final choice, but it's the farthest I've gotten in this genre since I started auditioning for character dubbing spots a year ago. Just wanted to share some happiness and to thank you again."

"For people like me that were really intimidated and had never done improv in a class setting, I really thought the class was just perfect. It was challenging, and made me think hard, but it didn’t scare me, and not once did I think, “Oh my gosh, I can’t do this."

"I loved the way you facilitated the class, Rebecca! You were sensitive to the group’s comfort and experience levels and were always guiding with a positive and nurturing attitude. The overall vibe during the classes was always like a team cheering each other on!"

"The freedom and openness of the environment that Rebecca provided. It was fun for me not to be so structured and competitive like I usually am. I felt comfortable with letting go and just learning more about my creative side. The activities were really good in that they helped illustrate what Improv is and how it can help with VO."

"I am so grateful for this class! It broke the big, intimidating concept of “improv” that I had in my head into small, specific, manageable chunks that I could focus on. I also loved that you freed us from worrying about “being funny,” which is not one of my strengths!"

Class Requirements

  • Participate from your home VO studio 
  • VO experience (PT at least six mos, or FT)
  • ImprovVO survey form completed

Beneficial but not required:

  • Video capable from home vo studio
  • Wired (not wireless) internet connection
  • Acting experience

From Rebecca Haugh, Founder:

I’ve been in VO since 2001, studying acting, improv, performing, and earning a living doing what I love. Save time and cut the struggle of finding this info – use my knowledge and experience as a short cut for your own career.

Imagine being more competitive! Imagine feeling confident and excited to perform, unafraid of whatever new curveball or goofy direction you get – embracing it all with poise and creativity! How cool would that be?

I believe each of us can do this, but you need to learn improv basics to get started.

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Please note  – This class is for VO actors who work part-time or full-time in voiceover and want to get more competitive by adding improv to their skills.  This class is not for a person starting a career in voiceover. 

Improv 101  Class Details

  • VERY interactive learning in a fun, stimulating, safe space
  • Focused attention in private, small group (6 max)
  • Establish basic improv competency & confidence to use in VO
  • Experience improv is about "being yourself" 
  • Learn and practice building blocks for improv scenes
  • Build improv as a muscle you can develop excellence with
  • Increase listening, spontaneity & collaboration skills
  • Apply improv concepts to VO scripts

Three-Part Class      




2 hours each day
Starts 9:00am pac / 12:00pm est

*Must be able to attend all days*

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Enroll now for $299

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